Monday, March 05, 2018

commission work, and new pieces

the wall is complete!  it's now ready for me to do the quilting

because I believe in the "measure twice, cut once" philosophy, I've spent the last few days working on a mini piece (12x12) to work out how to do the vines and the pictures

I think I've got it figured out

this piece has been fused and now I'm working on the quilting --- this piece is about 19 inches square, and it looks pretty good so far

now that the goose is off the design wall, I'm working on this piece

moving right along!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Radio Silence Broken......

hey folks, I'm working here!!

as I said at the end of my last post, I am working on a commission piece

which means I've been working on stitching this background which will be the stacked stone wall basis for the pictures that will be added on top

this is the drawing (I love using tracing paper to create the layers of a piece like this so I can see what it will look like)

the plan is to add a layer of silk organza over the wall, then add the pictures (the outlined blank spaces in the drawing) and the detailed vines around them

the wall is almost done -- this is moving right along!

this piece is making it's way to North Caroline to join all of the other commemorative pieces in the 70273 Project

it is 15 inches wide and 72 inches long and contains 365 pairs of red Xs in memory of 365 disabled people murdered by the Nazis in the 1930s

while I was shipping of the memorial piece, I also sent off these two pieces out of the Parched Earth series to a gallery in Tubac, AZ for a show titled "Shock of the New West"

I learned this week that this piece was accepted into a show titled "Contrast" that will be in the Parker Art Center

for the past two years I've been thinking (and talking) about applying to be a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates -- I've been a member of the organization for quite a while, served as a volunteer regional representative twice and curated a bunch of shows for the group

being a Juried Artist Member (JAM) requires submission of a portfolio of photos of a body of work, a resume and an artist statement --- becoming a JAM means recognition of your abilities and accomplishments by a group of your peers

this week I completed my package and applied to be a JAM -- the committee meets after March 1, so sometime soon I will know if I was accepted --- I'm keeping my fingers crossed

in keeping with my habit of working on more than one project at a time, this piece is currently on the design wall

because of the small size of some of the sky pieces, I will be doing this as a fused piece

this one should be fun

Benson has had a busy week playing in the snow and other craziness

we received the results of his Wisdom Panel (doggie DNA test) -- while the guess was that he was a cross between a labrador and a red heeler, the test says he's neither of those

he is actually about 1/4 Australian Shepard, 1/4 Australian Cattle Dog, 1/4 Chow Chow, and 1/4 Alaskan Husky with trace genetics of Boxer, Great Dane and Golden Retriever

as my daughter says -- 100% good dog!!

with that mixed heritage, we're likely to avoid the problems that inbred dogs have, so he's likely to be around to amuse us for a long time

Monday, January 08, 2018

It's a "Return"

I know -- it's been a long, L O O O N G time between posts out here.

The time between mid-October and Thanksgiving was extremely challenging as I was dealing with some issues that are now pretty well under control, and then I was playing "catch up" to get ready for Christmas!

So in today's blog post, we're going to play "catch up" out here!

Let's begin with the great Christmas reveal.  I work on Christmas things beginning in January, but I do keep pictures of things as I go along so I can show them all off at the end.

for a month or so my studio became the workshop for Mrs. Santa Claus!  and this year there were a lot of things that got cranked out

like these six aprons -- each one with it's own matching bias binding for trim

and seven pair of pajama pants -- two of which were made by stitching together the scraps from a number of past flannel projects

and there were six outfits for my great grand daughter's Barbie doll (I hadn't made Barbie clothes since I was a teenager --- yikes!)

and there had been knitting all through the year too -- a sweater for my daughter, a shawl for my sister and thick (double strand) mittens for my grandson to make snowballs with

then there were the hats  ..... for the great grand kids, and the DH, and the brother in law, and the little boy whose name we pulled off the Giving Tree in our local grocery store

not everything made of yarn was knit!

there was a hippo, a raccoon and two penguins (one of which was over 3 FEET tall)

and the half dozen hot pads for a friend

meantime, this piece, titled "The Silos" was accepted and appeared in a show titled "On the Street Where I Live" in a gallery in Saint Louis, MO

and this piece, titled "Headwaters" was accepted for a show titled "Life Along the Rio Grande" in New Mexico --- it is on the way there now

this piece is nearly done -- I'm working on the hand embroidered grasses along the bottom edge and then it will be ready to be faced

this piece is slowly coming together

after a long time being worked on in pieces, I'm now stitching all the parts together and filling in the blank spots

and a bit about the word of the year

I don't make resolutions for the new year

but for the past several years I have chosen a word to work by in my art for the year

last year's word was "Plan" --- and it became very clear as the year went on that sometimes even the best plans can be derailed by circumstances that are out of one's control

so this year I decided that my word is "Open"

the idea was to be "open" to new ideas, new projects, new approaches

and about three days after I decided on that word, the chance to take on a commission project that I might not have considered before was presented to me

using that new word, I stepped up and accepted that challenge

yeah for OPEN!!

hoping for the rest of the year to be as interesting