Monday, September 15, 2014

now where was I?

things are quite crazy here

packing continues -- I'll be painting a wall in the living room this week, and this morning I took another van full of clothing, toys, books and household items to donate

meantime, the DH had one cataract surgery last Tuesday and will have the same surgery on the other eye tomorrow

the MRI I had on my back didn't tell me a whole lot more than the xray did -- I have bone spurs and a disc that is basically gone in my lower back which causes pain if I overdo or sometimes just for no reason at all that is apparent to me -- the doctor wants to do injections along that area -- which might work -- or might not -- but will deplete my bank account for sure -- I think those will have to wait

I'm trying to do a little bit of work on art projects every day -- just to keep me from having to be shipped off to the funny farm!

this is the shed door piece I'm working on right now

I've been working on this too -- it was supposed to be for a competition, but the deadline for it was yesterday, so that's not happening -- but I do like it, so I'm going to finish it anyway

and I've just finished working out what I'm going to do for the new quilt for my daughter and son in law -- they like the look of this design and the colors, so as soon as I can get the fabric that will be one of my hand work projects

just rolling along as best I can

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

it's time to vote!

it's time to vote for this competition!

you can use this link to get to the place to vote:  etsy-beadweavers

Saturday, September 06, 2014

with relish?

at least that is what my sister suggested I should title this post since the last one was titled "catch up" (groan?!)

it's probably as good a choice as any idea that I had!

last weekend we did a lot of loading of boxes and furniture into the pod

on Saturday morning, when I made a run to the closest convenience store for a bag of ice to keep the bottles of water cool, I got to see part of the balloons from the balloon festival that took place here last weekend

my daughter and son in law, along with Mr Cute and their two dogs came to our house to help out for that weekend

on Sunday evening I caught this photo of their big dog and our dog sleeping all curled up on the couch

I didn't know when I snapped it that it would be the last such picture I would have the opportunity to take -- because of ongoing health issues, the red dog has now crossed over the rainbow bridge

at some point in the near future I will be making this photo into an art quilt
I started working on this piece a couple of weeks ago - or longer -- and haven't gotten to it for over a week --- I hope the commotion dies down soon so I can get back to it

I have been working on this, which is another piece in the shed door series

yesterday I had an MRI done on my lower back --- I would not describe it as a pleasant experience, and I hope not to have to go there again --- I'm also hoping that by some amazing chance it will actually tell them something that will help --- I see the doctor next Thursday

for now it's back to the packing and cleaning and painting

time to get moving

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catch up post

can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I got out here!

last weekend we made a quickie trip to the Northern part of the state to see the Rocky Mountain Quilt Fest

one last chance to take a look at this quilt before it went off on it's travels for a year with the Hoffman Challenge

and it was pretty cool too to take Mr Cute and let him see all of the quilts that had animals on them -- and all the fabric available for sale with tractors on it!

this trip also gave me the opportunity to drop off this completed sweater for Mr Cute

can we say it as a big hit!?

he wanted to wear it right away even though it was in the 90s!

meantime, here in chaos central, the packing continues

the picture on the left is where my boxes of beads for making projects used to sit

the picture on the right  is after I packed them all up -- ta da!!

and where is all this going you might ask

this lovely arrived on Friday -- we've been putting stuff in it -- the plan is to get as much stuff out of the house as we can to be able to stage it -- and do it quickly

which doesn't mean I'm not doing anything artful --- I'm actually making it a point to spend a little time every day doing something creative, just concentrating more on smaller pieces

this is a barrette -- and it is available now in my Etsy store

and I've just finished the hand applique work on this piece

trying to maintain some sense of balance

time to get moving

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Last Glad

a few years ago we planted a lot of daffodils and gladiolas around the rose bush right outside our front door

the last two years none of the glads have bloomed and only one or two of the daffodils had

I thought they were all dead

we've had a very early and heavy monsoon season here -- almost every day we've had a thunderstorm and some of them have been very heavy

I guess that's what this little gladiola was waiting for


finally finished!

I'll be adding this to my Etsy store and entering it in the competition soon

watch for the notice when the voting begins

and because I need to have something to do with my hands while I'm icing my back or my knees, I started something new!

this is a small piece, but I'm having fun playing with an assortment of beads doing a much easier bit of embroidery

the container for putting household items in arrives on Aug 22 -- time to get back to packing

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Source of the Problem

I've had my current sewing machine for a long time -- almost 15 years

Over the years I've run all kinds of thread through it -- just about every brand that's available -- or has been available clear back to grandma's day because I don't just throw a spool away because it's old

I've never had a problem with any of them

This week, between packing boxes and icing my knee and my back, I've been trying to make the DH a new pair of pants

I went through the drawers of thread and pulled out this spool that was the right color.  The (now missing) label on the end of the spool said "Dual Duty", so I figured there would be no problem

So we did the usual routine --- clean the feed dogs and the bobbin case, change the needle, wind a bobbin, thread the machine -- ready to sew -- or not

It sounded awful -- a machine that usually you can't hear running was making definite "clunk, clunk" sounds


Maybe it's a defective needle I thought, so I changed it again -- and re-threaded both the bobbin and the top thread

Nope -- still doing it -- stitch, clunk, stitch, clunk, stitch, clunk -- ggrrrr!

Walk away and think

The next day I decided that I would try a different spool of thread -- this spool is not the exact same color, but it will do

So again, clean, wind, thread -- and this time no clunk

Apparently that spool was labeled one thing but is actually something much thicker!  The label has been removed and I'm moving it into the tray that I keep the hand stitching threads in

Maybe now I can finish those pants!

I've been working on the chain for this piece -- it's moving along slowly

It looks good

time to get back to packing

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Living with chaos

the piles of boxes are growing

as my back has slowly gotten so I can do more, we're getting more boxes packed -- its a good thing

and yesterday we took a car load of kitchen and other household items off to donate

even though I don't put a high priority on having an immaculately clean house, the ongoing clutter, confusion and chaos does get to me

that's why I try to take some time every day to make some art

I'm working on this beaded piece

the surface design is all finished, and I've started on the bail and chain

it has taken a couple of days of fiddling to figure out the bail, but last night the little switch clicked "on" and I figured out a way to keep the look I wanted without having the piece try to twirl around backwards --- hurrah!

now it's on to the chain

the hand applique on this piece is now done

this one needs some paint and a lot of stitching to create the details and shadows

this one will be the next piece in the shed door series -- I put the pattern together this morning, and sometime later today I'll pick out fabrics and get started

this will be the next piece in the series

the pattern is ready, and later today I'll pull out the fabrics to get started

earlier in the week I cut out two skirts and a pair of pants to be stitched, but before I got them finished, we decided to pack all the dishes in the buffet and the china cabinet, so I've not gotten that done yet -- hopefully soon