Monday, January 08, 2018

It's a "Return"

I know -- it's been a long, L O O O N G time between posts out here.

The time between mid-October and Thanksgiving was extremely challenging as I was dealing with some issues that are now pretty well under control, and then I was playing "catch up" to get ready for Christmas!

So in today's blog post, we're going to play "catch up" out here!

Let's begin with the great Christmas reveal.  I work on Christmas things beginning in January, but I do keep pictures of things as I go along so I can show them all off at the end.

for a month or so my studio became the workshop for Mrs. Santa Claus!  and this year there were a lot of things that got cranked out

like these six aprons -- each one with it's own matching bias binding for trim

and seven pair of pajama pants -- two of which were made by stitching together the scraps from a number of past flannel projects

and there were six outfits for my great grand daughter's Barbie doll (I hadn't made Barbie clothes since I was a teenager --- yikes!)

and there had been knitting all through the year too -- a sweater for my daughter, a shawl for my sister and thick (double strand) mittens for my grandson to make snowballs with

then there were the hats  ..... for the great grand kids, and the DH, and the brother in law, and the little boy whose name we pulled off the Giving Tree in our local grocery store

not everything made of yarn was knit!

there was a hippo, a raccoon and two penguins (one of which was over 3 FEET tall)

and the half dozen hot pads for a friend

meantime, this piece, titled "The Silos" was accepted and appeared in a show titled "On the Street Where I Live" in a gallery in Saint Louis, MO

and this piece, titled "Headwaters" was accepted for a show titled "Life Along the Rio Grande" in New Mexico --- it is on the way there now

this piece is nearly done -- I'm working on the hand embroidered grasses along the bottom edge and then it will be ready to be faced

this piece is slowly coming together

after a long time being worked on in pieces, I'm now stitching all the parts together and filling in the blank spots

and a bit about the word of the year

I don't make resolutions for the new year

but for the past several years I have chosen a word to work by in my art for the year

last year's word was "Plan" --- and it became very clear as the year went on that sometimes even the best plans can be derailed by circumstances that are out of one's control

so this year I decided that my word is "Open"

the idea was to be "open" to new ideas, new projects, new approaches

and about three days after I decided on that word, the chance to take on a commission project that I might not have considered before was presented to me

using that new word, I stepped up and accepted that challenge

yeah for OPEN!!

hoping for the rest of the year to be as interesting

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

a taste of winter

it snowed here yesterday

which means that soon this beautiful maple tree that I've been enjoying from my office window will  be dropping all it's leaves

most of the snow is gone already, even though it is cold this morning (our first real freeze followed the snow)

fortunately, we knew the cold was coming, and I went out and pulled every tomato that looked like it might possibly ripen -- a pretty good haul for the last picking

we'll be putting up some as whole tomatoes and some as sauce

I've been working in the studio on making pieces better

this piece, the second in the Parched Earth series had a narrow binding, but it wasn't quite straight, and in places the tree limbs just blended into the sky

I took the binding and the sleeve off, did some additional quilting in the sky, outlined the tree with a dark thread and put a facing on instead of the binding

much better!

some new pieces are finished too

this one is titled Parched Earth:  The Mail Boxes

it was actually the first piece that used the sunrise/sunset sky idea, and I like the way this one looks (I've already entered it in a gallery show that I hope it will get in to)

this piece is done too

part of my on going Portraits of Objects series, this one is based on a photo shared with me by a friend -- love the look of the weathered wood on the Ice Cream Maker

this piece is the next one being quilted -- a challenge to work with the machine between and around all those little openings in the wheels!

and while this doesn't look like much, it is the last big piece of the garden piece I've been working on for a while now

I'm hoping to start putting all the layers together by the end of the week

this photograph will be the basis for the next Portraits of Objects piece -- this coffee grinder was my grandmother's and I remember turning the crank when I was a little girl and the smell of freshly ground coffee

I recently decided to enter this piece in a gallery show in Portland, Oregon. 

the show is titled "Chasing Ghosts", and I though Tsalagi (Cherokee) Trail of Tears fit that category

so did they!  I'll be shipping this piece off to them the end of this week

in keeping with a long standing tradition, I'm working on my grandson's Halloween costume

over Labor Day weekend we took a trip to the fabric store and got the materials to make Mr. Cute into The Hulk

this has been a fun costume to make, and despite not having a picture showing the progress, I'm nearly done with it

Mr Benson of course has plenty to say about everything that goes on here in the studio

and he had a grand time playing in the snow yesterday -- the deck looked like I had a whole pack of dogs that had been out there tromping around making footprints