Thursday, January 28, 2016

thinking about being hungry

for the last 3 weeks I've been dealing with my own medical issues

this included having to fast twice for medical testing and then dealing with test results that were not a solution to the "why" of my symptoms and being told that it would all be better if I changed my diet and exercised

that is the kind of "non-answer" that generally keeps me away from doctor's offices and sends me into either being really angry or the "black dog" of depression

there has been some of both here

along with those physical things I've been dealing with the rejection of my art work in three consecutive shows/challenges

which has had me thinking about the word "hungry"

I think everyone knows what I mean by hungry when it comes to food -- "hey, it's dinner time, I'm hungry"

but what I've learned here is that for me the "hungry" that has nothing to do with food is even stronger

perhaps it's still that little kid piece that won't be silenced in seeking attention

or the competitive part of me that thinks my work is as good as any number of other folks and my work deserves to be included and seen

it has been a bumpy ride

that said, I have not worked on a whole lot during those 3 weeks

I put a binding on a charity quilt for my local quilt guild -- and because this was from a pre-cut "kit" the guild put together, it was a straight of goods binding, which is not what I usually do -- so I learned something new

all of these pieces have sleeves and labels now -- mindless stitching that kept my hands busy

the stitching of the truck is complete, but I'm stuck on the background

either alone or with the barn the background still doesn't do it for me -- it's too distracting

and there it sits

I'm working on designing something else -- the truck will be there, and I can come back to it when I figure it out - eventually

trying to get back on track working on things is a good thing

Sunday, January 17, 2016

repairs and progress

last week I was talking about repairing this quilt for my daughter

I finished it early in the week and she took it home with her -- it's all ready for a few more years of use -- a good thing!

I'm making progress on the truck

after picking out the first attempt on the windshield and the chrome trim around it, I did some other work on the hood, door and fender before putting on that new chrome and the "window" behind it

much better!

now I'm working on the grill work -- lots of little narrow strips in several different colors, and I'm pretty pleased with that too

moving right along

we've been working on taking down Christmas, and as of last night have only one more tree and a few display pieces left

even though I enjoy seeing all of this during the Christmas season, I'll be glad to be done with the work of taking it down so I can spend more time working on other things

Sunday, January 10, 2016

staying focused

last week after I posted about my word for 2016, I received an envelope in the mail from a friend that lives nearby
inside was the star banner with my word for the year lettered and colored on it -- way cool!

it's hung clear at the top of the design wall -- to help me remember what I'm supposed to be doing!

and as part of that focus, I spent some time installing the new thread rack that Santa brought me -- now all of the thread is out of the drawers and bags and is all in one place so I can see what I have


since I actually managed to get this piece done by the proper date, it has been entered in a challenge with one of the bead groups I belong to

the voting for the challenge winner goes on over here  on the Etsy Beadweavers Blog

if you're interested, go over and take a look and vote on your favorite

one of the things that goes with the lap quilts I make is a sort of guarantee -- if you use it, I'll repair it -- and yes, eventually replace it if necessary

the point is I make these to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis -- my way of sharing a daily hug!

this quilt was made for my daughter, and the silvery wings had become very thread bare, so she brought her quilt in to "the shop" for the needed repairs

the wings have been replaced (well, I actually appliqued a new wing layer over the old one!) and I have put a layer of fleece on the back and requilted in the necessary places

working on the new binding now, so this will be done soon

last year I made this sweater for Mr Cute

at the time, the adorable tractor buttons worked fine since it was an adult person doing the buttoning

now days, he's all about doing it himself (a good thing!), so his mama requested that I switch out the buttons for something easier

these vintage orange buttons are just the thing, and he took it home with him today

this week I worked on the truck

early in the week I had a real problem with the trim that is supposed to go around the windshield, so I picked that part out and refocused on doing the door, the fender and the hood

along the way of doing that I've figured out a different approach to that pesky trim piece -- yeah!

marching right along

Fog + Cold = Art Inspiration!!

this is what the tree in my front yard looked like at dawn this morning -- no, it did not snow again last night, we just had heavy fog that created all these little "twig-cicles"

as if I didn't already have a long list of art work I want to do!  Mother nature just added another one to my list

Friday, January 01, 2016


It's hard to believe that it is the first day of 2016.

Last year is almost  blur of activity and places!

Since 2013 I have chosen not to make New Year's resolutions, but to choose instead a word as a guide post for the new year's art.

In 2013 that word was BRAVE

In 2014 the word was REACH

Last year's word was PERSEVERE

And as it has in the past, it turned out that perseverance was needed not only in finding ways to make art, but in life in general.

During 2015, in addition to a lot of knitting for gifts and charity, completing 9 pieces of beaded jewelry, a fair amount of utilitarian sewing and mending and the completion of a queen size bed quilt, I was able to complete eight art quilts - and five of those quilts were accepted into shows.

So what does that reflection on last year's activity bring me to this year?


As I worked on art quilts last year I realized that I need to be more focused on what I am doing if I will ever have enough of a body of work to apply to be a juried artist with SAQA.

That means I need to make some pieces that I am not making just because they fit a specific call for entry somewhere.

I need to make the work -- the venue to enter it will come

And so, I will try to focus on spending more time in studio work, and that work has begun already, as I brought in the new year working on this:

And I'm thinking about the look of the background
After I picked out several of the pieces in the lower part of this that just seemed too dark, I think this is better

We'll see what I think after I get the truck done

Meantime, my file of "what project to do next" is growing -- I have three more pieces lined up behind this one that I want to tackle

Time to FOCUS!