Sunday, October 05, 2014

Finding a new "normal"

the packing continues

yesterday we had a small crew that came and moved all of the boxes that we had packed up in the past couple of weeks out into the garage so we can get them loaded into the pod this week

as we were chatting with them we mentioned that there was a doll house here that we would give to anyone that was interested in coming after it

a little later in the day one of the fellows came back and got it

I'm delighted!! it's gone to a little girl (and her mama) that are excited to have it, and I now have a large empty space --- yippee!!

yesterday's activities also included painting the primer coat of paint under the front door (that area had been really beat up over the past 12 years) and a coat of primer on the wall I had skim coated with wall board compound a couple of weeks ago

last year when I was working on my entry for the Hoffman Challenge, I was working on some techniques that I had not tried before -- in the process of doing that, I created this piece, which I titled "Feather Duster"

this year I donated it to the SAQA auction

and I learned yesterday that it was purchased during the auction

even though I don't get any monetary gain from this, it feels wonderful to know that someone thought it was worth paying for!

when I get to the end of the day of physical work, I'm still spending some time working on art projects

this week I finished the hand work on this piece -- number 10 in the series

and it's exciting to know that I'm getting closer to the time when I'll actually be able to start doing more than the hand work as my sewing machine will probably be back in a usable condition in the next week -- (another reward for all the hard work rearranging things!)

so this is the next piece -- which I started working on last night while enjoying a movie on PBS

I have been working on this piece of jewelry this week

I've had that piece of picture jasper and the carved bone moon face for a while, but only recently was able to get the porcelain eagle that I was searching for

and I've changed the glue I'm using to attach things to the backing so I don't have to build up so much of a bezel around the pieces with beads

so far I'm very pleased with how this piece is going

and the tractor hat is nearly done -- last night I started on the decreases for the top of the head

yup, lots of things are getting done

just keep chugging along!!

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AlisonH said...

I love all the good going out from you into the world in this post.