Sunday, November 02, 2014

of respirators and spider bites

working right along -- I'm now at day 2 past what our original finish goal was, so there is increased urgency to get things done

ratty t shirt?  check

head phones?  check

respirator?  check

this has been the uniform for much of the week

yesterday the very last of the paint scrapping from the tile was completed and the shower has been all wiped down with vinegar

now I have only to re caulk around the door frame, the top edge of the tile and the shower pan, do a little touch up paint and mop the floor for that bathroom to be finished

and I'll be returning the kit for painting the shower to the store for a refund -- this tile is in perfect condition -- there is no way I'm covering it up after spending all that time cleaning it off!!

and under the category of more trick than treat

we spent most of Halloween evening in the ER of our local hospital

a couple of weeks ago the DH was cleaning out one of our sheds and had what we initially thought was a bruise on his left hand

turns out it actually was a spider bite -- a brown recluse being the likely culprit although we don't know for certain since he never saw it

he's got a week's worth of an oral antibiotic (and I'll spare you the rant about the hassles of obtaining those) and we'll be visiting with his doctor for a follow up this week


the beginning of the last shed door -- just a little art work this week --

after hours of scrapping tile, my hands have hurt too much to do a lot of other things -- I'm really glad to be done with that



AlisonH said...

Egads! I'm so sorry! Glad he got treated, at last and at least. Yow.

I saw one once and didn't know it was one until it crawled under the direct sunlight of the skylight overhead--and all the sudden that red telltale spot lit up. Back in the shadows, back to dull brown all over. Not that it lived long at that point.

Rhen Nicey said...

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