Sunday, December 20, 2015

skipping from one celebration to another

I love lighting the candles of the menorah

it helps me to remember that shining a little light into the dark corners makes the world's monsters a little less scary

and on Tuesday we had candles celebrating another holiday

the birthday of our grandson, Mr Cute -- this year we could actually have him and his parents with us for dinner on the very day of his birthday

that was fun!

for a while on Tuesday we were worried that the birthday celebration would have to be delayed because we had our first big snow storm

these pictures are my back deck where we had about 2 FEET of snow drifted up -- it is slowly melting now, but there is still a pretty good stack out there

 cold weather just wants to be knit in

this little hat is for the brother of one of Mr Cute's friends -- my daughter had asked if I could make one for him, and I whipped this up in pretty short order

 and this time of year some warm foot wear for in the house are in order for the DH as well -- I had knit him one pair back in January, but having one to wash and one to wear seemed like a good idea

the bead embroidery on this piece is now finished, and the leather that I ordered for the back of it has arrived, so I'll be working on it soon

meantime I feel like my idea for this piece has outgrown it's back ground -- or maybe it just needs to hang over the edge

my original idea for the underside of the truck was to do it all black so you didn't really see a tire or anything under the left hand side, but that just bugged me

so now there is a cinder block on that side holding up the truck -- I like that much better
the barn is coming together too -- I really like the way the bales of hay worked

last week in the blog post I said it was time to wrap presents

that job is pretty much finished -- I have a few items in the studio that are not quite finished being stitched, but

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!

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