Sunday, March 13, 2016

not the way I intended to spend the week

when I posted here last I had great plans to finish up several projects, move some things around in the house and maybe do some outdoor work

instead I spent many, many days in my recliner with a fever, aching, coughing and was finally told by my doctor that I had "community acquired pneumonia" and put on antibiotics

I'm just today starting to feel like "myself" again

this is the piece I had hoped to have finished this week

I did work on it a little, and I will get back there in the next couple of days

the stamps for the new giraffes are all cut and ready to mount on the backings -- real progress!

and since fiddling with a pencil on graph paper is something I can do in my recliner, the preliminary plan for how I will create the quilt top is done too

the parched ground is growing on this piece

I had to order some additional fabric so that all of the patches of dry dirt would be the same --- I had purchased the first piece a couple of years ago, so I wasn't sure if I could find any more of it, but the "old interwebs" came through and the additional piece is on its way to me

and I spent some more time fiddling with these pictures

part one of the jewelry project is complete

and after several bouts of stitch it/pick it on the second part, it is moving right along

the sweater is progressing too

and this is a restoration piece direct from the wood workshop of the DH

I remember this table from my childhood, and when we were moving stuff out of my mother's house, I asked if I could have it

I brought it home and it has been nicely restored and looks awesome!

nice to share his work too

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