Monday, June 06, 2016

because it's June!

okay, if you hear a chorus singing "June, June, June, just because it's June" when you read that title you are as big a musical theatre fan as we are!

and June has picked up right where May left off with being busy, busy, busy!

this week's utilitarian sewing -- two brand new pair of board shorts with cargo pockets for Mr Cute

the bracelet I had been working on for an online challenge is all finished

cool tiger eyes!

and I'm in the middle of doing the chain for this piece, which will go to my daughter as a belated birthday present as soon as I finish it

the tree trunks are all on this piece, and I have finally gotten the drawings done for the layers of leaves --

my plan for this afternoon (as soon as the laundry is done) is to start putting those on

this is a test

I'd been trying to decide what to do with the edging of this piece
that really skinny (it's only 1/8 inch wide!) binding looks like just the right thing

I actually have it all stitched on there, but no pictures of it yet ---- watch this space in the next post for a picture of the final work

this is the beginning of the next piece in this Parched Earth series --- moving right along building a cloudy sky

my wood flower garden has been relocated off the deck to a space along the fence behind the vegetable garden

Miss Gypsy was way too interested in nibbling on these, and I don't want to have to spend every moment yelling "NO" when we are out there, or never being able to turn my back

the corner where those were is now occupied with a bright pink wading pool which she is having a lot of fun in!

the new catch phrase here:  "Why do I smell wet dog?!"

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