Sunday, July 10, 2016

work continues

the deadline for the challenge I was making this piece for has come and gone, and I'm not really close to having this piece finished, but it has evolved along the way to the point that I may think about entering it in the annual Fire Mountain Gems seed bead competition

yesterday I finished the third of the big leaves, so now it's on to the smaller ones

the quilting on the trees piece is coming right along
and I have most of the sky of the next piece up on the design wall

and here is a look at what these will possibly look like hanging together -- from forest to farm to sky scrapper

and yesterday I started thinking about what the fourth and fifth panel would look like

moving right along

the tree is ready for the second of the parched earth series -- I need to quilt the background panel before it can be attached, and that couldn't start until the order of silk organza arrived -- and it's here now, so this week the quilting on that can begin

and the stitching on the third of the parched earth series backgrounds has begun

this is a big piece -- 5 feet wide by a little over 2 feet tall -- but it had to be big to be the right scale for the truck!

on Friday my daughter and my grandson were here and we all played with the tye dye kit, we used a number of the t shirts that my son-in-law had as give aways from HGTV paint by Sherman Williams

our theory was that a t shirt that advertises paint should have some color to it!!

when I did the wash out in the machine, I tossed in two color catchers --- and they came out of the process black

here's where the lesson in color theory comes in:  when you are dealing with paint or dye, black is the presence of all color, and white is the absence of all color --- when you are talking about light, white is the presence of all color and black is the absence of all color ---


it's a coaster

it's about 3.5 inches square, and I crocheted it for my daughter's office in about an hour

she has a new, executive job, so a tacky piece of a bar towel on the desk as a coaster under her water bottle just won't do

it was my pleasure to do this for her --- I'm very much the proud mama here --- I love seeing her be a success!

and there is a certain irony here too -- back when I had the office job she made me a fiber coaster that I used under the cup on my desk

and so the student becomes the master.......

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