Monday, November 07, 2016

a very good week -- and returning to "reality"

Every year this time there is a big quilt show in Houston

It's sort of the grand daddy of quilt shows, having been around for quite a while and it has a reputation of being about as big as it gets -- at least in terms of real estate!

and it is a kind of "holy grail" for quilt makers -- it's a big deal to have one of your quilts be part of the show

I was fortunate this year to have my piece Tsa-la-gi: Cherokee Trail of Tears be on display as part of the Hands All Around show

Fortunate too that a friend of mine was going to the show, and she took a picture for me!

Very cool!!

on Thursday evening the Contemporary Fiber 2016 show opened at the Knoll Gallery in Denver

the DH and I made the journey so that I could actually be there for the opening reception

Parched Earth: Wilted Corn is on display there, and over the week end I got an email that the gallery owner has asked for the show to stay up an additional week, so instead of coming down on Dec 3, it will be up until Dec 12

that was an amazing experience

keeping my feet firmly on the ground is a good idea after all that last week

so I went right back into the studio and back to work

the quilting on this piece is now done -- I will be trimming it and putting on the facing this week

the stormy sky behind the silos is coming together nicely too

and I took a commission a couple of weeks ago for a piece that will be a Christmas gift for someone, so you only get little "snippet" pictures of that until after Christmas

on Friday the DH and I made a trip to the fabric store in the next town over (our only option for things like flannel now that the store in our town is closed) and came home with a bag full of flannel destined to become pjs for the clan this Christmas

lots of stitching to get done!!

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