Sunday, April 09, 2017

not the finest moment

there has not been much getting done this week

there was some stitching on this, which is moving along well -- if slowly

and all of the face of the dog is done and I'm now moving downward on the shoulders

I got all of the signs done and started putting in the figures at the bottom of this one and it just did nothing for me

so there was a good deal of ripping out -- both of sewing and knitting and remaking of hats -- I do like the contrast better, but the jury is out on this one for now

and then there is this

I love the fabric (even though I did not love working with it as it is slippery and doesn't take well to any attempt to press it to turn up hems or edges)

and I loved the picture on the pattern -- and I did the dreaded measuring to figure out what size would fit

or not

put in the hem and put it on me and it doesn't fit

not a happy camper --- not sure what I'm doing with it next --- perhaps paint rags

and perhaps this was not a week that I should have been trying to work on clothing, as it has been one of those weeks I'd like to not have had

after months of tests the doctor still has no explanation for why my gut is in an uproar, the latest suggestion is to eliminate gluten (and a number of other things) from my diet to see if that helps

putting this kind of restrictions on what I can put in my mouth and asking me to keep track of every little bit has pretty much put me over the edge into making life awful for everyone around me as well as myself

the little kid in me that I can usually keep in check is back to feeling starved and it's making me want to either kick and scream or to just retreat into a cave

this better be worth it

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