Sunday, April 27, 2014

Progress on several fronts

who knew that just a little thing could make such a big difference

I took out the InkTense pencils and the textile medium and did some work there on the edge of the hat -- wow!

used them on the hat stand too, where it is better but I'm not sure I'm done there -- I may go back with another darker color and color it again

I've started working on the hat box -- found some great stripe fabric to make that out of

I'm working on another small  piece that will be on stretcher bars -- part of the moon series I'm doing

this piece is coming along too -- almost done with the edging then it's on to the toggle clasp
when I was in a parking lot the other day I spotted this version of Cerberus -- three little dogs definitely keeping folks out of that car -- the one facing directly at the camera was barking like crazy -- funny

for quite a while I was out here blogging every day (or almost every day) and somehow I don't seem to be able to manage that right now -- between physical therapy twice a week, trying to get some packing in the house done, getting ready to hang a quilt show this coming Tuesday and still have some time to work on projects, the blogging has fallen to the bottom of the "to do" list

bear with me folks!

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AlisonH said...

All in good time. Glad you're getting the PT.