Monday, July 14, 2014

making God laugh

yes, the past three weeks have been an ample example of the old saying "if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans"

those plans for the last three weeks were to take the DH for his Mohs surgery on June 26, then head off to my daughter's house on June 27 to spend 10 days -- partly to house and pet sit while she went on vacation and partly to do some fun things with her and my grandson, then to return home and jump right back into both packing and house fix up

the Mohs part went really well -- the doctor took her "slice", checked it out under the microscope, told us all the edges were clean, bandaged him up and sent us on our way

while we were there I did this little pen and ink sketch and left it as part of a challenge an art group I belong to had posed -- I was happy to see it be picked up by someone that liked it and wanted to have it for her own

the next morning, however, I had to make a visit to the emergency room when my nose began bleeding and I could not get it stopped -- the ER doctor used silver nitrate and sent me home, telling me it was okay for me to travel the 2 hours to my daughter's, so off we went

little did I know that was just the beginning of a saga that stretched over several more days and involved a ride in an ambulance from the Kaiser clinic to the local (to my daughter's home) hospital

(did you know that your eyes and nose are so interconnected that a really bad nose bleed can make the blood come out of your eye?  Scary!!)

by the end of the story I had been in and out of the emergency room FIVE times (I'm dreading when those bills come rolling in even with my insurance!)

at the end of this story, I had a visit with my own doctor's office in the last week and have been told to stop taking the fish oil capsules (I had already been told to stop taking any kind of aspirin) as it can cause the same issue that aspirin can and apparently I'm particularly sensitive to it

while I had a lot of sewing projects I had planned to do while I was at my daughter's, in the end I was able to get only these two pair of shorts for Mr Cute completed --- these was some John Deere licensed fabric that I picked up and they made cute shorts

there is still some of this fabric left, so I plan to make him a new sun hat from some of it too

the DH was more productive than I was -- he rebuilt this little table that my daughter and son-in-law use next to the couch to set their computer on

and he finished putting the wind mill together so it could be installed in their back yard

it's hard to believe this is what it looked like when he started!

since we've been home I've finally gotten back to working on projects -- the pieces of stone for the necklace commission are all ready to be assembled

the machinery on the new sweater form Mr Cute has been knit

and the applique work on another "lock" piece is done --- now it's time to use paint and thread on this one

I'm trying to get back into a routine --- these things take time

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AlisonH said...

You bled from your EYES?! YOW, Bev!!! Glad you're okay now!

And I love that you knit the other digger motif I've found on Ravelry. Our grandsons will have to get together someday and compare favorite sweaters. That's adorable!