Saturday, June 21, 2014

some progress on projects

oh look!  a blog post and it's not even Sunday yet!!

it's been a busy week

I worked on this piece early in the week --- I've almost finished doing the bead embroidery on it, but I've now put it aside to work on this
the piece that I took a commission to do and the ordered materials arrived, so I'm working on this until it is finished   (nothing like knowing a piece is sold to put a little hustle in the work process!)

I've been stitching on this piece

it is the third in a series that deals with forms of locks on shed doors

the hand applique on this is nearly finished

I've also been working on drawings for the next pieces in this series this week
there are about a dozen of these in the works --- finally meeting my goal of creating a series of related art work pieces!

the garage workshop has spilled over into my studio

the DH has been rebuilding a windmill, and we are down to the final painting so it can be put back together

doing the painting of the "fan" however, was deemed to be something more in my area of expertise, so yesterday afternoon I put the red paint on this side of the fan blades --- today I plan to do the other side

looking good!!

meantime, the packing continues --- the DH has been packing up the collectibles from the curio cabinets and the pictures from the walls, and I've been going through more objects --- making three piles --- throw away (or put into recycle bin -- mostly old magazines/plastic containers), give away or pack --- I'll be packing books this week

and I'm still working on the details of the upcoming art quilt show I'm curating

keeping busy here!!!

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AlisonH said...

I wish you could hear me going, Oh, that's pretty! Oh, that's cool. Oh, I love that windmill!

Good luck with the packing and I hope it all goes easily.