Monday, September 15, 2014

now where was I?

things are quite crazy here

packing continues -- I'll be painting a wall in the living room this week, and this morning I took another van full of clothing, toys, books and household items to donate

meantime, the DH had one cataract surgery last Tuesday and will have the same surgery on the other eye tomorrow

the MRI I had on my back didn't tell me a whole lot more than the xray did -- I have bone spurs and a disc that is basically gone in my lower back which causes pain if I overdo or sometimes just for no reason at all that is apparent to me -- the doctor wants to do injections along that area -- which might work -- or might not -- but will deplete my bank account for sure -- I think those will have to wait

I'm trying to do a little bit of work on art projects every day -- just to keep me from having to be shipped off to the funny farm!

this is the shed door piece I'm working on right now

I've been working on this too -- it was supposed to be for a competition, but the deadline for it was yesterday, so that's not happening -- but I do like it, so I'm going to finish it anyway

and I've just finished working out what I'm going to do for the new quilt for my daughter and son in law -- they like the look of this design and the colors, so as soon as I can get the fabric that will be one of my hand work projects

just rolling along as best I can

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AlisonH said...

Everyone I know who's ever had cataract surgery has said it was wonderful. Best wishes for wonderfulness. And take good care of yourself, too.

For what it's worth, multiple cortisone shots in the same spot (just in case that's ever an issue) can deteriorate the cartilege--I had a doctor who hemmed and hawed but didn't tell me why before giving me a third shot in two years. Bone scan later showed it had done damage and made the problem worse. Still--for me, it's my shoulder and it's not bad, years later; time is what it needed most.