Saturday, January 31, 2015

Testing, 1, 2, 3........

my daughter needs a new quilt for her queen size bed

for several months I've been fiddling with ideas and colors and I recently bought the fabric to construct this piece

but before I cut into that fabric, I want to be sure of the pattern

so I took the original pattern and made up a sample from some other fabric that I had on hand -- and it creates a block that is almost 10 inches -- and I just think that is too big

there will be some additional testing

working on some new beading this week has been kind of fun

the "dividing lines" in this heart design are pieces of crystal "chain" that creates that little "sparkle" and the center section is all beaded in a texture technique

 this little texture trick takes a lot longer than just covering the surface of the piece, but it creates such an amazing mix of color and shape that it is worth doing

another of the shed door pieces has been worked on this week -- a bit of InkTense pencil here and there and now this one is ready to be stitched

and working on another piece

so far this one looks like what I hoped it would -- now I have to figure out how to do the sky -- hope it works the way I think it will

while I was knitting slipper socks for my daughter, the DH told me he'd like to have a pair -- so apparently, my sock knitting isn't over yet

I mailed the pair to my daughter, and as soon as they arrived at her house and she put them on, Mr Cute went running for the pair I made for him and put them right on -- I was right, he just had never seen a pair and wasn't sure about the whole thing -- and now I hear the his daddy wants to know where HIS pair is --- hmmmm, considering the fact that I had not previously made a pair of socks that I was happy with, I guess it was all about having the right pattern

the waiting on the house showings continues -- things are slow and I'm really tired of waiting -- testing my word for the year -- persevere


Nancy G said...

I agree,that 10" block is just too big; testing will continue!
The heart piece looks really neat. How do you create that effect in the center?
These shed door pieces are turning out amazingly. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire series together!
Love the slipper socks. It's totally a conspiracy to keep you knitting socks; resistance may be futile. ;-)

AlisonH said...

I'm seeing a pink pomegranate split open and showing its jewels inside.