Saturday, January 03, 2015

The word for 2015

The word for 2014 was Reach. (If you'd like to read the entire post about it, you can go HERE)

Apparently, it was a pretty appropriate word -- I spent a lot of the year Reaching beyond my grasp!

I didn't think of it as anything but an artistic challenge when I picked it, but life has a way of turning things upside down, and certainly 2014 presented other challenges as well.

Despite health challenges of my own and others in my family and finally making the decision to put on the big push and put our home on the market, I did do a lot of artistic things too:  completing 8 art quilts and having 13 more in some stage of progress; completing 13 pieces of beaded jewelry. 

Its time to look forward into 2015.

And it seems that the word this time should be Persevere --- I learned in 2014 that no matter how difficult other things feel, I need to make art -- it's what keeps me sane --- I will continue to Persevere!

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Marilyn said...

I am reminded that "Reality is a function of language. "