Sunday, September 13, 2015

lock obsessed?

I've been working on this series of small art quilts for over a year now, and it finally feels like I may actually get them all done

I'm soon going to have to actually put sleeves on each of them

and I'm thinking about entering three of the finished ones in my local quilt guild's show

so which three of these five should it be?

or maybe I'll get another one or two finished before the deadline!

this week I spent some time working on how I want the ghosts on this piece arranged

the paper layout works well for this purpose, and it will protect the fabric underneath while I am applying the paint to the silk overlay

progress being made on the sewing project -- the costume shop is working steadily along!

and I'm doing a little beading work too

this one has already been through several "re-design" stages -- we'll get it right eventually!

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