Sunday, February 14, 2016

...while you're making other plans

I barely know where to begin

again, it's been over two weeks since I got out here to do a post

partly because I'm still dealing with getting a handle on my own health issues

but in the last week because I'm trying to find words to say what I need to say

perhaps just throwing it out there is the best approach

this week my dad will be moved to hospice -- after years of being on a proton pump inhibitor medication, his kidneys are failing -- and along the way he had to deal with the cancer that medication was supposed to help him avoid

this is the part of the program where I just want to yell and scream and throw a general tantrum about how things are not fair

but the more adult, rational side of me knows we were not promised fair

and I'm still trying to process that

I'm trying to get to the studio to work on art or at least making something  whenever I can because it is what keeps me from going off the deep end

 the DH was the beneficiary of the first of that sewing

I had cut out three pair of the custom designed scrubs that I make him before Christmas, only to be side tracked into other things and did not get them finished then

they are all done now, and waiting for warmer weather to arrive so he can wear them
Mr Cute is the proud owner of a Ninja Turtle hat that matches the mittens that I made him for Christmas -- yet another project that didn't get done in time!

about six years ago I made my daughter a grey cardigan sweater that she has now worn out

she volunteered to provide the yarn, so I'm knitting her a replacement --- here is where it's a good thing that I hung on to the pattern and my notes for the custom changes that got made

it's hard to tell from this photo exactly what's going on here, but take my word for it that you are looking at the sky of a new piece I'm working on

think dust bowl

I have figured out what I'm going to do with the background of the truck, but I haven't drawn the pattern yet --- all in good time

and along with the bad news this week, we got some good news ---- our youngest grand daughter tells us there is a great grandson in our near future --- I've already started thinking about another quilt

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AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the coming great-grandchild! And hugs from here as you deal with your dad.

My grandson Mr. Cute's age is very into ninja turtles too--I love that hat!