Thursday, January 28, 2016

thinking about being hungry

for the last 3 weeks I've been dealing with my own medical issues

this included having to fast twice for medical testing and then dealing with test results that were not a solution to the "why" of my symptoms and being told that it would all be better if I changed my diet and exercised

that is the kind of "non-answer" that generally keeps me away from doctor's offices and sends me into either being really angry or the "black dog" of depression

there has been some of both here

along with those physical things I've been dealing with the rejection of my art work in three consecutive shows/challenges

which has had me thinking about the word "hungry"

I think everyone knows what I mean by hungry when it comes to food -- "hey, it's dinner time, I'm hungry"

but what I've learned here is that for me the "hungry" that has nothing to do with food is even stronger

perhaps it's still that little kid piece that won't be silenced in seeking attention

or the competitive part of me that thinks my work is as good as any number of other folks and my work deserves to be included and seen

it has been a bumpy ride

that said, I have not worked on a whole lot during those 3 weeks

I put a binding on a charity quilt for my local quilt guild -- and because this was from a pre-cut "kit" the guild put together, it was a straight of goods binding, which is not what I usually do -- so I learned something new

all of these pieces have sleeves and labels now -- mindless stitching that kept my hands busy

the stitching of the truck is complete, but I'm stuck on the background

either alone or with the barn the background still doesn't do it for me -- it's too distracting

and there it sits

I'm working on designing something else -- the truck will be there, and I can come back to it when I figure it out - eventually

trying to get back on track working on things is a good thing

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AlisonH said...

For whatever it's worth, I like the background, barn and all.

Would looking at it from across the room offer a different perspective on how the intensities and distractions-or-not play together? I'm sure you already do that, but thought I'd mention.