Sunday, April 17, 2016

projects from the studio -- and more!

we're still trying to find "normal" here

work continues at my mother's house, but we are nearing the end -- the movers come on Wednesday and Thursday, the remaining items to be donated should be picked up on Friday, and then the house can be listed for sale

it's been a long haul

I've been working on a baby quilt and a toy to go with it for my grand daughter's baby (he's due in June)

I finished up the little cartoon-ish giraffe toy this week, and I'm making real progress on the quilt blocks

and here is why this piece is still hanging on the design wall

the left hand side is the "before" picture, the right hand side is the "after" picture -- just another little "tweek" to the nose

and yes, the background is "done" -- but not -- those really dark strips there just shout "look at me!", which is NOT what I had in mind, so those are coming out and being replaced with something more subtle

I've started a new piece of jewelry

I had done a piece with 3 pieces of amethyst in matrix before, but those were all ovals -- these pear shaped ones are pretty interesting

this is moving right along

progress being made on this piece too

most of the center has been quilted

Gypsy is growing fast

already she looks much more like a dog and less like just a ball of fur

at her vet visit this week she weighed in at 14.7 pounds

we're still working on all the puppy "issues"
she does make us laugh

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