Sunday, May 01, 2016

time marches on

and I seem to loose track of it!

perhaps it's because I'm busy

doing things like finishing up the baby quilt for my grand daughter's baby --- cute giraffes stamped -- I finished the binding last night

the fusing work on the Red Dog quilt is complete

I've been taking an online class, learning how to better use a piece of software that I have on my computer

one of the lessons this week taught me how to take the photo of the fused piece and experiment with drawing over it the lines that I might use to quilt it

it's nice to be able to experiment with this without potentially ruining all the prior hard work

work on this piece is progressing nicely -- I think I'll be ready for backing it by the end of this week

last weekend my daughter and son in law moved the daybed frame from the garage workshop to the house --- the DH did a truly AWESOME job building this -- now it's up to me to make the big pillows I have planned to put on it and he can move on to other projects that are on his creative list

at the beginning of the week I was still fussing with this piece -- trying different style plants on it, trying to get the scale right and still being bothered by the look of the sky

my solution is to just cut the sky off

and I've decided to use the wilting corn (on a Georgia O'Keefe scale!) -- this picture shows the paper pattern that I will use to make the fabric one which I can then attach to the piece

and along the way, even though this piece started out to be one thing, it has sent me off in a whole different direction and I'm thinking about an entirely different series of pieces than I began with -- thus it is when you allow yourself to just follow where your ideas lead!

and of course now days no blog post would be complete without gratuitous puppy pictures

this picture from one of our studio sessions when I was quilting the baby quilt

she's getting to be a big dog!!

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