Sunday, August 07, 2016

An Actual FINISHED piece!

it hasn't had it's final pressing and it doesn't have a label, but otherwise this piece is DONE!!

doing a little happy dance here because it actually looks like the picture in my head -- whoot whoot!!

and that's not the only thing I worked on this week

the background for the truck is really coming along too -- today I should get to start on the applique of the cracked dirt on the bottom edge of this

it's exciting to see these things coming together

now that both the gold colored leather and the tubes of beads have arrived, I'm back to working on this gold and white Greek inspired piece

two of the seven leaves have been backed and edged (I love the way that gold leather looks, and it's super soft too!)

five more leaves to go and then the neck band -- rolling right along

and the third of the memorial pieces is completed -- now I just have to figure out how to write up the listing for my Etsy store

I'm sure this picture doesn't look like anything that anybody would think should be talked about

it represents my taking a step toward creating my own fabric to use for a specific part of another of the Parched Earth quilts

my plan is to do a piece that involves a windmill -- but it needs to look beat up and rusty

I will be taking this gray fabric and trying to create some real rust on it to use for this purpose

the plan is to spread out the fabric, shred up the steel wool and spray the entire thing with vinegar and let it set to do it's magic

we'll see how that goes

a couple of weeks ago I posted the picture of the batch of strawberry jam that I made

this batch of apricot jam is all finished and stashed in the pantry too ---

the next preserving needs to be a batch of pickle relish -- which I prefer to make out of zucchinis not cucumbers --- need to shop for zucchini -- the plant that I put in just croaked, so no home grown ones this year -- bummer

time to get to it!

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