Monday, August 01, 2016

moving along......

since I totally blew past the deadline for this piece

I decided to work on a new idea while I'm waiting for the beads to arrive to finish it
so this week I worked on these

the idea is to create some samples so I can do custom orders -- either as memorial pieces or like Mother's necklaces

each of these is a clear glass cabochon with a photograph sealed to the back of it -- and since I needed a photo to use, I decided to use the photo of the memorial quilt I made

these are coming together nicely -- I will be doing one more -- a round one and I plan to use copper colored beads around it

then I'll get to work creating the Etsy listing for the custom orders

at the sewing machine this week I finished quilting the bottom of the background for the Parched Earth II:  The Tree piece

this week I hope to get the sky done

making good progress on the Parched Earth III:  The Truck -- the sky and the mountain are done and I'm working my way across the fields and the fence

the farm piece on the design wall is coming together nicely -- I did some new techniques when I created the barn and the silos by building those with all their little "fiddly" pieces on a piece of parchment first then installing them in a whole piece

what's left to do on this now is the big round bales of hay at the bottom

since the farm piece is nearing completion it was time to create the next piece in that series

this is the map for the city all ready to go

a few weeks ago we made a tough decision -- not to keep this little fur baby with us

adorable -- absolutely

but she never connected with us enough to ever want to do anything to please us

we agreed to foster her until the rescue group we got her from could find her a new home -- she needs someone younger or just more physically able to take her out and get her the exercise she needs -- and we would never be able to do that

this morning she went off to a new home --- perhaps Gypsy was absolutely the right name --- we hope to hear more about her adventures from her new family and we wish them all the very best

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