Monday, October 03, 2016

the view from my window

over the past few weeks I've been watching the tree across the street slowly change color

it seems like each day it is slightly changed

and if it was not for the fact that I sit at my desk almost every day and work at the computer, it's likely that I would not be noticing this and would at some point look out and think "wow, that changed overnight!"

I sense that my art is undergoing a similar slow, steady progression toward ---- something

with the tree I know what the "end" result is -- all the leaves will eventually fall off and it will be bare for the winter

I hope my art isn't going to that result, but I'm good with it changing

this piece, for instance, has slowly developed and changed from the original idea

yesterday I decided I was done adding to the bead embroidery and will now finish it with a back and some fringe and a beaded chain that is a whole new design for my pieces

and I'm excited about where this is going

last week I managed to get all of the rest of this piece put together

now it's on to the quilting

the windmill is progressing nicely

I decided that the best way to create the frame structure was to create the "map" on tracing paper and actually stitch the fabric pieces together through the paper

when the whole unit is complete, I tear off the paper and stitch it down as one big piece to the background

I've never built pieces this way before, but it is working really well, so chances are very good that I'll use this technique again

it's the time of year for the making of Halloween costumes

Mr Cute wants to be Captain America this year

I'm working on it!

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