Sunday, February 26, 2017

bits and pieces

last year, when I was working on the piece that is now hanging in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, I did a 12" by 12" sample piece to try out some techniques

I worked it through all of the fusing, then I set it aside, having solved the design ideas and needing to meet a deadline for the bigger piece

this week I decided to finish it and donate it to the annual SAQA fund raising auction -- so about half of the quilting is done now

I hope to get this finished in time to submit it for the "early bird" auction entries which are eligible to be used in SAQA's advertising -- which would be good exposure for the piece

the third columbine is finished

this week I will start on the background

and this will be a much bigger piece than the first columbines -- the big flower is wider than the whole first piece was!

the work on the dog piece has begun

in order to do the eyes (which need to be the first thing done on an animal piece), I had to get some silk fabric in the right color

I need to select all of the other black/white/gray/blue fabrics that will make up the "fur" on this piece from my stash -- this should be an interesting "shopping trip" into the many fabrics I have on hand

I redid some of the rake piece and made it longer because I wasn't sure I liked the square format

and now I'm not sure I like the longer format and I may cut it off

and yes, now the mountains in the background are bigger and darker, but I have no idea where I'm going next with this

so it's hanging on the wall for me to look at for a day or so to decide where I'm going with it

so it's time to create the background for those 5 mailboxes I made earlier

this is the concept plan for what the finished piece will look like

we'll see how close we get

time to get to it

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