Sunday, March 05, 2017

learning to be flexible

when I wrote last week's blog, I had big plans to finish a couple of pieces and to be deep into another new piece

sometimes making plans is just a waste of time

because on Monday morning I ended up taking an ambulance ride to the Emergency Room to have a nose bleed taken care of

which also meant I was instructed to take it easy, not bend over, no lifting, no stairs, etc., etc., etc.

so some of the things I wanted to get done just didn't happen

this morning I can say I am slowly recovering -- the packing in my nose was removed on Thursday and a liberal dose of silver nitrate was applied to cauterize the area and I'm to continue on restricted activity this week then I can slowly work my way back to "normal" (like we have any idea what "normal" is!)

this is what I had been working on until "the incident"

the beginning of the background for the columbines

and this week I got the call for entries from the International Quilt Festival (the Houston Quilt Show) that includes a category titled "In Full Bloom" , which it would be good to enter something in -- but there's one tiny issue -- I had not planned for this piece to be as big as that category requires -- and since the flowers are all done but the background is not, I might be able to change it so it is


I need to think about that and about being able to get all of that done by the entry deadline of April 12

 quite a bit of time was spent this week doing hand work, so the sky for the mailbox piece is coming along nicely

this is the first piece I've done that includes so much color in the sky, so it feels a bit odd -- hopefully it will look good when it's finished

Benson has had a tough week, watching over mom -- which requires a lot of sleeping on the couch!

we ended the week on a lot more fun note when Mr Cute and his parents arrived to watch the CSU basketball and share dinner with us last night -- and we let them take over our kitchen and create dinner for us, which I greatly appreciated -- nice to have such great kids!!

hoping for a better week this week

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