Friday, March 31, 2017


Hi folks!

I've been here in the studio with mom since the end of January, and this morning she is letting me write the all important blog post (I'm not real sure why it's important, but mom says it is, and we know that Mom Rules!)

We've had a very busy week here

Last Thursday I got visitors

These two little dogs are my cousins or something like that -- and they came to stay here with me and mom and dad while their mommy and daddy (and Mr Cute) went to someplace called California

(which seemed to mean lots of pictures of them around water and bridges and stuff I really don't understand)

While my cousins were here, we played together a lot, we had the "daily chase" as mom calls it where we would run from the kitchen through the living room and mom's office, then down the hall back to living room until mom would yell "All Dogs Out" and open the back door to send us outside to continue our chase.

After the chase and our dinner, we could all nap on the couch (mom is still muttering something about the bad planning of dark furniture and blonde dogs for some reason)

Mom says we all got really silly, but the only silly picture she got was of me because I fell asleep this way (really mom, do we have to show this one?!)

Anyway, it was fun to have company, and I would be okay with having them visit again.

So for now it's back to normal here in the studio.

Mom is making art, and I'm keeping an eye on everything.

And mom will be back to blog the next time!

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