Sunday, July 30, 2017


As my surgeon stressed to me before I was released from the hospital, recovery is not a linear path.

I've had some really good days -- I was able to make the trip to the Costco where we shop to get what we needed there --

and I've had some not so good days -- like the day after that Costco trip where I was pretty wiped out and spent most of the day snoozing in my chair

I have been back to the studio to work this week

this small piece is a test run that I had started just before I went to the hospital -- I needed to explore how I was going to create a reflective surface on the water of the big Rio Grande piece

I'm pleased with how the reflection of the mountains in this little piece looks, so I will be using this approach on the big one

work on the fence for the garden piece is moving right along now

this is a pretty big piece -- about 55 inches wide, so it's taking a while to built fencing and lattice that wide!

one of the things I missed this month was my class in Boulder with a great group of fellow artists

I was totally amazed when this floral arrangement arrived the day after that class from the whole group!

our garden has begun to actually produce!  we picked two of these lovely cukes this week, and the tomato plants are starting to set fruit too -- yippee!!

I was notified this week that these three pieces were accepted into a local show that will run from the end of August through October 1

for the first time I actually need a spread sheet to keep track of all the different places I currently have work on display --- WOW!

Mr Benson seems to be sleeping with one eye open here --- no doubt he's keeping an eye on me! 

I'm getting stronger every day

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