Tuesday, July 04, 2017

another week, another show entry

it's complete!

and I did the entry yesterday, three days ahead of the deadline

Whooo Hoooo!!!

and so the waiting begins on this one too

still fiddling with this piece before I start quilting on it

I didn't like how dark the clouds there in the center were -- wanted something more orange

but now that those new orange ones are in, I think they may be TOO orange, because now that's the first thing you see, which was not what I had in mind

I may not be done fiddling with this one

I've been working on the drawings for the next big piece

it's based on this photo, that I've been wanting to work with for a while, but just now feel like I might be able to actually do

we'll see how that all goes!

a little utilitarian stitching seemed in order after finishing the big quilting project, so I whipped up two pair of pj bottoms -- one pair for my son in law, and a matching pair for Mr Cute -- my daughter had picked up this great flannel for them

both pairs from start to finish in about an hour

this I can do practically in my sleep!

the DH has been busy in the garage workshop again

these dining room chairs are over 100 years old

and now that the stain has been freshened up and new seats installed, they should last us a few years more

looking good!

Mr Benson got a new toy this week

a toy he got a week before had been decapitated within half an hour after he got it, and when I posted a picture of his handiwork on the FaceBook page of the place that toy came from, they sent him a whole new toy!

he's loving this one too

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