Sunday, May 18, 2014

looks like a weekly event

seems just now I can't get here more than once a week!

I've been working on this piece this week --- this is the third attempt at the side netting for the back edge of the necklace and I've finally found something that I'm actually happy with, so this might get finished yet

these two pictures should probably be labeled "do you know what this is?"

back in 2011 I made this little winged monkey for my daughter

he sits on her desk at work and she has a co-worker that has threatened to "appropriate" him

so my daughter asked me if  I could build another one

yup -- working on it

this project is rolling along -- last night I finished the hand embroidery in the largest circles -- now it's time to see what I can add in the middle circle on each one

time to get to those projects

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AlisonH said...

Just monkeying around...