Sunday, May 11, 2014

moving forward

having spent the last few days beating down the "snakes", I'm feeling a bit better about getting some projects done
this piece is moving along

after I took this picture I decided to remove the dark centers from the smaller circles, and I like it even better now that I've done that

the hand embroidery on the outside rings of the big circles is moving right along too, so I'm pretty please with how it looks

a couple of years ago I made this piece of beaded jewelry

I've never been totally happy with either the clasp that I used (an effective but stylistically weak magnetic one) and because of the stiffness of the individual tiles and the way I connected them the necklace didn't rest as comfortably on the body and I hoped for

this week I decided to make some changes

I removed the clasp and took all of the tiles apart

the new piece  will include only three of the original 17 tiles (I'm saving the other 14 for some other pieces that I'm already planning)

the three tiles have been reattached with panels of bead netting and I'm working on more netting from the next edge of those bead embroidered tiles to the clasp which is a much more decorative on that the one I had before

I'm very pleased with how this is going

and then there is this

I like doing beaded pieces that have an Egyptian feel to them

I made this piece a while back, and it sold

since then I've been looking for another brass stamping that was big enough and had the right feel for a new piece that I'm thinking about

that new stamping arrived in yesterday's mail and it is even better in person than it is in the photo

looking forward to getting to work on this one too

time to get busy!

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AlisonH said...

Glad you're still getting some art time in. It's important.