Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monkeying around......

he's pretty cute!

last night I got him all stitched together, knit up his hat and stitched it to his head

still need to finish knitting his vest and then create his wings, but it's coming right along

this could be labeled "rot is beautiful"

both pictures were taken in our garden this week of a large rhubarb leaf that is slowly returning to the earth under the plant

the colors are amazing -- and I think these may become a piece of art one of these days

the other issues I've been dealing with this week have been "rot" but NOT beautiful -- spending uncounted HOURS on the phone trying to get medical procedures set up for the DH through every possible obstacle has been totally frustrating

my plans for getting any real art work done have been eaten up by administrative nonsense ---- GRRRRRRR!!!

as of noon time today I have decided that it is all just going to wait until next Tuesday afternoon because it is seriously making me CRAZY

I'm headed into the studio to get something done

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Sorry about the bureaucracy, and I hope he gets what he needs quickly.

That eggplant purple and those curving colors are just beautiful. And the monkey's definitely got personality! Cute!