Monday, February 16, 2015

A progress report

last week was busier for showings, but I still got some work done on projects!

the beading continues

it actually surprises me how much this actually looks like brick in the picture!

I got two more of the shed doors painted

this has been fun as each one has given me a new challenge in getting the "look" I want

the silk organza finally arrived late in the week and I got the sky finished on this piece

looking at the picture of this gives me that "did I do that?" chill -- it looks very like the vision in my head

today I plan to trim this piece and get it ready for quilting

there have been a few evenings of working on this piece too

I can put together 6 "blocks" in an hour --- setting them in with all those "Y" seams takes a bit longer, but I'm very pleased with how this looks

when I first saw this year's Hoffman Challenge fabric last August, it didn't do much for me -- I just didn't have an instant "vision" for what could be done with it

on Saturday we had to be out of the house for about five hours while people tromped through to take a look

we decided to make a stop in our local quilt shop to take another look at the fabric

one of the good things about this shop is that they cut fat quarters of both the challenge fabric and the coordinates so you don't have to buy a whole yard of the stuff

it also has no problem with you spending a long time putting pieces of fabric side by side to try out ideas

in the end I only bought a fat quarter of this fabric, and I plan to cut it in very small pieces to be part of the decoration on these lovely onion domes

yesterday the DH spent quite a while working with different onion dome shapes and arrangements and this is the one that I decided I would do

looking forward to starting on this project ---- as soon as the piece for Sacred Threads is finished!

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