Monday, February 09, 2015

its all about the art

since we are in waiting mode here on the house, I have time between episodes of grabbing the dog and "bugging out" so strangers can walk through to work on projects
this project for instance

that's the "before" on the left side and the "after" on the right

it's amazing what a little well placed color can do

making progress on this piece too

I'm into the creating of the sunrise sky, and last week I ordered a piece of silk organza to put over that sky which will slightly mute the color and give it the sort of "glow" that I'm looking for

the silk should get here tomorrow, which should be just about the right time for me to put it to use

after some considerable fiddling, the quilt top for the new queen size quilt for my daughter's house has been begun

these three blocks took me about an hour to stitch up by hand in front of the TV (and the fabrics are really a lot more attractive than this picture shows --- I'll get a better picture for the next posting!)

looking good!

one of the surprise "finds" came when I was looking for a container to put the queen size quilt pieces in 

I like using those 13x13x3 plastic containers that were developed for scrapbookers (something my daughter introduced me to a couple of years ago), and right now most of mine are packed

the one I decided to appropriate for that quilt project had a zip lock bag in it with two of these pieces in it

this is a project I started back in 2005 based on some photos I took at an art show we did in Atchison, Kansas

these pieces use paint, fabric and beads to create the bank, the restaurant  and the boutique 

yesterday I decided that since I wasn't working on any other beading project and I don't want to buy any new materials, that I could work on the boutique and that I should think about where these are going

I'm thinking these are going to get mounted on stretcher bars --- they are mixed media art

we'll see how this all goes

time to get back to those projects!

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AlisonH said...

To me, a house with the work of an artist in it would be the house I would want to buy and be a part of.