Friday, February 06, 2015

still testing

after I made that first "block", (there on the left)  I really did not like how big it was

sure, the quilt top would have gone together really quick, but it just looked like the lazy way out

so, here we have block size number 3 (number 2 was, um, something not to be discussed!)

I like this size much better, and while it will be quicker than a double wedding ring to piece, it doesn't look like I'm being lazy

there's something about a pieced quilt top that just calls out for a certain "look", and I think we've reached it

I think we're ready to cut into the fabric that I bought for the project now -- hurrah!

the "anniversary quilt" (which is what I have dubbed that pieced piece) is not the only thing I'm working on

this week I have started creating the sky behind this piece

along the way I decided I wanted to put a layer of silk organza over the top of it to give it the "glow" that I see in my "vision" of this piece, and right now I'm waiting for that piece of fabric to arrive in the mail

I think I'm going to be pleased with the result of this

this piece of bead work is all done (and it's available for sale in my Etsy store)

I haven't started another beaded piece yet -- just haven't come up with an idea that seems worth the work

we'll see what ideas develop

in the evenings I've been working on another pair of slipper socks -- for the DH this time

one sock is knit and the second one has just had the heel turned -- moving right along

and yesterday I ordered materials for a Christmas project -- it's never too early to do that!

just keep chugging along

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