Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall is coming....

I feel like this week was a bit shorter than most

after having the family gathering last Saturday, we spent most of Sunday afternoon with our daughter and son-in-law and Mr. Cute (I cooked dinner at their house -- testing out a new shrimp dish that was a big hit!)

and on Monday morning, bright and early, I had two teeth pulled -- ICK! -- so Monday was a big waste

projects this week began with utilitarian sewing

Mr Cute has moved out of the smaller bedroom in the house into one that has more space for his things

the new room has two windows, so grandma was pressed into service to create new curtains (made out of some lovely light gray corduroy donated to the cause by my sister -- YEAH!) and some car themed valances


and yes, this is an actual bed quilt in process here in the art studio

more accurately, it's being worked on in the evenings while I'm watching TV since I'm hand piecing all these little "Y" seams

I need to do about 10 more rows of hexies to make it long enough --- (hear the chanting:  I think I can, I think I can)

this piece, however, is totally a test

and I think I'm going to like the results

because I've done so much work on the big piece, I wanted to test out the next step without danger of ruining it

the point here is that the figures should be "ghost like"

so which one is more ghost like?  the colored ones or the ones that are just line drawings?

still thinking about it
work on the bead project continues too

ready to do the backing then on to creating the necklace that (hopefully!) will look like pumpkin vines

there has been some work going on in the garage workshop too

these metal garden tools originally were bought for my daughter and were painted green

Mr Cute's favorite color is orange

guess where these tools are going next!

and then there is this picture

we made a trip to the hardware store this week and as we were leaving a very nice guy was going in with Thor on his shoulder

we stopped to admire and talk, and Thor's "dad" obligingly took a picture of Thor sitting on my shoulder --- pretty bird!

on one of my walks to the mail box this week I picked up these along the way

I have no idea where in the neighborhood the maple tree is -- but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to spot it soon!

yes, fall is coming

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