Sunday, August 09, 2015


last week I was talking about being afraid to ruin the big piece I'm working on right now

after some further thought I made some changes by fusing some additional fabric to them
in each of these pairs of pictures the "before" is on the left side and the "after" is on the right

I'm much happier with how these look now

and happier with the overall look of the piece

I still have a lot more to do here -- like adding some stitching to hold down that fused fabric, and adding all of the shadows for each of those trees, but I'm much happier with it now

this piece of jewelry got finished just in time for the challenge I wanted to enter it in

(the public voting for that challenge is going on now, so if you are interested in voting, you can go here: to do so)

originally I was going to use these two pieces as part of the necklace, but in the end I could not work out the connections, so I made them into a pair of earrings that go quite nicely with that necklace

all of these pieces are in my Etsy store now

the stitching of the pumpkin shape is all done!

I'll be making this in to a pin to be featured at the September Art Walk show -- can't believe fall is that close, but it is!

we have now progressed to the more interesting portion of the move in --- the organization of the studio!

all of the beads have been organized into the plastic boxes and arranged on the shelving -- it is SOOOO much easier to pull things out and put them away in this configuration!

right now the boxes are "labeled" with hand written pieces of paper that is stuck inside each box, but my daughter might be willing to use her Cricut to make me some more attractive labeling -- Cool!

I've started sorting the fabrics and putting them in the shelves of the glass front cases -- nothing like organizing your "crayons" to put new design ideas in your head!

as I've gone through the boxes I have I already have another stack of stuff that is going to be donated to my local quilt guild for charity quilts --- I kind of knew that would happen

we're getting to the home stretch --- I'm ready now for the last big push of moving furniture and boxes into the studio rooms so I can finish setting up shop --- still a lot to do, but a whole lot closer!


Nancy G said...

The trees are very much improved, IMHO; good work!
That necklace came out really beautifully, and I love the "accidental" earrings. Probably couldn't have planned it any better, if you had tried.
Can't wait to see your new play space in person!

AlisonH said...

The trees in the foreground have depth and a greater sense of presence now. I like that quilt very much.