Sunday, August 23, 2015

work continues

this piece was for a challenge in one of my bead groups to create something that was black and white and one other color

this came together really quickly -- sometimes these pieces pop into my head and have no issues at all in the making, and this one was one of those

voting on this challenge doesn't start until the 9th of September (talk about being done WAY ahead of a deadline!!)

since that piece went together so quickly, I'm now back to working on the pumpkin leaves -- moving along!

the stitching continues on the shed doors

I'm pretty pleased with the way these two came out

there are seven more of these to be stitched

I've been fiddling with painting on silk organza for another piece I'm working on -- not entirely sure how I feel about this yet

this week I had my first real gathering in my new house --- had all of my side of the family that lives in the general area here for a "Summer Gathering" --- can I say once again how much I love my new kitchen area!  

we had 10 people around the table with out any problem

and I had spent most of Friday doing food prep -- making pumpkin pie, scratch chocolate cake, Watergate salad, two different pasta salads and had plenty of room to make it all happen

all this and an awesome studio space coming together

so happy to be in this new house!!!!!

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AlisonH said...


What the heck is a Watergate salad? Tricky Duck on filmy noodles to mimic the 18 1/2 minute missing tape, over shreds of greenbacks I mean lettuce. Right?