Sunday, October 11, 2015

cooking and sewing and beading -- Oh My!

last week's activities involved some canning, and this week's involved cooking with a vegetable that I had never tried before

my daughter's garden produced a bumper crop of spaghetti squash, which we had never eaten, but this recipe was really good

if you'd like to try it for yourself, I've posted it out on Hattie's Kitchen

we had another little home improvement done in the garage this week -- these three steps from the garage floor into the house originally had no hand rail

on Monday the same contractor that did my studio came and put up this amazingly attractive rail for me


this piece is ready for the backing -- I tried one type of material and it just was not up to snuff

so I ordered a piece of suede to take care of that issue, which arrived yesterday -- I'll be getting back to this piece soon

in the mean time, I started on this piece

my plan for it will involve doing some bead woven parts to create the necklace --- but I've set it aside for now while I finish the blue one

the quilting continues on this piece

and I've decided to use the tear drop shaped beads off the edge of the trail as part of the "finish" on that bottom edge


and the costume for Mr Cute is finished!

he loves it, and while there will be other Ninja Turtles out there trick or treating, there won't be another one that looks like this one!!


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