Sunday, October 04, 2015

it's fall!

we moved into the house when the trees were bare, and I still have no clue what some of those trees are, but one of them is celebrating the change of the seasons by turning it's leaves this glorious color


fall also means lots of pumpkins and apples in the stores

so we took a day off from other work and put up applesauce

it was a lot of fun to have my daughter here working on this project too -- 9 pints for us, 6 and almost another for her


the DH has been busy in the garage workshop

each of my stereo speakers now has a lovely solid wood stand -- gets them off the floor and really improves the sound -- nice!

this is a little project he's building for a friend of mine that spent several hours teaching me some new techniques that I believe are going to make an enormous difference in my art work --- this is a little "thank you" gift -- a stand to sit under her work table that has a lip around 3 sides so the sewing machine pedal doesn't scoot off the edge

we emptied 3 big trunks and 2 little foot lockers this week -- and most of the doll and bear collection has been found and installed

I have a few more little pieces that I want to put in cases in my bedroom, a few for my office and a few for the studio, but we're mostly done with that part of the unpacking

this picture could be labeled "future home of the design wall" -- we got the space all marked with blue tape yesterday, ready to hang it up as soon as I finish getting it covered

got these hung on the wall yesterday too

yup, there is a little space there for growth in additional spools of thread, and this does not include the hand quilting threads -- just the ones that my sewing machine will play nicely with

this is a lot easier for me to see at a glance what I actually have available

the week wasn't all about house work, however

the "suit" for the Ninja Turtle costume is all stitched together, so now I'm working on the accessories

I finished the bead embroidery on this piece -- I need to dig through the tub of leathers and upholstery velours to find the right material to cover the back of it

and yesterday I finished quilting around each of the figures walking on the trail and started quilting on the trail itself

I need to keep working on this every day as we are now in count down mode on it -- only 27 days left to finish the quilting, do the edge and get good photos before the deadline to enter


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