Sunday, January 17, 2016

repairs and progress

last week I was talking about repairing this quilt for my daughter

I finished it early in the week and she took it home with her -- it's all ready for a few more years of use -- a good thing!

I'm making progress on the truck

after picking out the first attempt on the windshield and the chrome trim around it, I did some other work on the hood, door and fender before putting on that new chrome and the "window" behind it

much better!

now I'm working on the grill work -- lots of little narrow strips in several different colors, and I'm pretty pleased with that too

moving right along

we've been working on taking down Christmas, and as of last night have only one more tree and a few display pieces left

even though I enjoy seeing all of this during the Christmas season, I'll be glad to be done with the work of taking it down so I can spend more time working on other things

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