Monday, May 09, 2016

final ending and projects moving along

on Tuesday morning I headed off to my parent's house to meet the folks that were scheduled to pick up the last of the items being donated

it was strange to walk through the empty house -- I don't remember ever being in it before the furniture was moved in when I was a child

it goes on the market tomorrow, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks, someone will buy it

on to the next chapter!

one of the things I did last week was to frame this

this hand cut, hand painted metal skunk hung in my dad's garage, and my daughter has always loved it because it reminds her of the conversations she used to have with her grandpa when he would change the oil in her car while she was in college

while we were cleaning out the house she asked if she could have it and they said yes

it fit very nicely into this 12 inch shadow box frame, and she plans to hang it in the area of her basement where they have their "bar" for entertaining -- kind of appropriate in my head -- the skunk originally was on a race car that my dad worked on that was driven by a guy that owned a real bar here in northern Colorado

full circle little skunk!

the surface beading of this is finished, and I am in attempt number two for doing the back and edging

I had worked all around it with 3 rows of size 15 (tiny) beads, but it just didn't lay flat, so yesterday I ripped that out

I'll try again with just 2 rows of delicas -- and it will be easier to do the fringing with those as well

the corn stalk has been appliqued and is ready for me to cut it out and attach it to the quilt -- moving right along!!

we spent some time at our daughter's house yesterday -- Gypsy is now the "big dog" of the bunch (she weighs 20 pounds now)
I can here the Jim Croce song playing in my head for this picture ---- "you don't tug on Superman's cape"!!

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