Monday, May 23, 2016

keeping busy on projects

I'm finally happy with the way this looks

the shadow just adds that dimensional look that I was searching for

I hope to finish up the details in the quilting in some areas and get it faced this week!

and I'm happy with how the stitching is going on this one too

decided that I will not be binding or facing this one -- I'm taking it to a professional framer and have them handle the finish work!

this piece, however, was making me crazy

with all those little tiny pieces in the original "map", I couldn't tell what color which piece was supposed to be

on Saturday afternoon I decided that part of the issue was my trying to make someone else's process work for me -- and it just wasn't

so I went back to the computer and started over with the picture and instead of one layer over it and all the pieces on that, I created several layers -- one for the three biggest trees, one for the smaller trees and one for the little bushes and shrubs

and instead of figuring out how to put in all those little pieces of sky, I just laid a piece of a blue/gray batik down on the upper third of the piece and I will build over that --- much easier!

a little more utilitarian stitching last week

the day bed pillows are looking good!

and I finished the replacement hoodie sweater for my daughter -- lookin' good

meantime the DH was busy in the garage workshop

this little table was a piece I carried home while we were cleaning out my parent's house

and here it is, nicely refinished and in it's new place in my daughter's home - very nice!

the beading continues on this piece -- about a third of the surface has been covered now

and Miss Gypsy is a perfect angel -- when she's asleep!

otherwise, just the usual puppy terrors -- we're all learning to play nicely (and we're starting over in the obedience class because we had so many scheduling problems in the first session)


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