Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet Miss Ruby

the old van had served us well

but it was beginning to have issues that were costing us money

and to have the air conditioning problem (the one where it turned from moderately cool air to feeling like you were in a blast furnace when going uphill) was going to cost many $$$$ just to figure out as they would have had to tear out the dash board just to figure out what was going on

no thank you

and I had already decided that now was the time to buy a car that was as new as I could afford because I would likely never buy another car (I tend to run them until they must be replaced -- the van was 15 years old and I bought it used --- and in 15 years, I may be ready to give up driving -- I'll be 81 then!)

so the past couple of months I had been shopping about online, looking at different vehicles

I thought I had my mind made up

I figured I could look like a hamster -- the ones that get used in the KIA commercials for the Soul

it might even been cool to have a car that was painted a color named "alien" (the green one) since we have a dog from Roswell, NM

so off we went to the local dealership to take a look and a test drive

and then I met Miss Ruby

yes, I drove the Soul

but Miss Ruby was the next size up

has more creature comforts --- a back up camera so I can see what's behind me when I'm in reverse --- a CD player (ok, I'm old, my music isn't all on a thumb drive full of MP3 files -- although I can do that too) -- more comfy seats -- bigger wheels (I like sitting up higher so I can see)

and she was a "demo" car -- had a few miles on her (just enough to work out any kinks) -- so I could get her for a bit less than I would have paid for the Soul with the upgrades I would have needed to add


yes, in the classic battle over shoes, I got the ruby red slippers

(now I need to remember to use that cruise control -- law enforcement officers will no doubt find her attractive too!!)

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