Friday, February 24, 2006

Body parts and coughing.....

Ok, I've spent the last 3 days laying low.....picked up a nasty cold somewhere and have my usual post-cold bronchitis like cough....ICK! For the first time I can ever remember we're sick at the same time (and that's a lot of years to remember!!) So we've had chicken soup and beef barley soup and green jello....and today we're venturing out to get groceries, etc.

While I've been lounging in the recliner listening to the rattle of the cool mist humidifier I've managed to get a lot of bear bodies stitched up. Yup, there are 14 little bodies ready for turning. Twelve of them will have to have joints put in then comes the stuffing and faces.....looks like I'm in good shape to have a lot of stuff for our opening bear show in Nevada City in April....its a good thing!!

Next week I will be sitting in hospital waiting rooms dad is have major surgery. Please appeal to your higher power for his safe recovery! Thank you so much.

Well, its time to get moving to the store, then back to the studio to start inserting joints in those bears......


mary said...

Hi Beverly Ann:

Just got the news about your Dad. I hope he surgery goes well. He has been through more surgeries than anyone I know. Please tell him that "Phyllis" is praying for him.

I know absolutely nothing about "blogs" however it sounds kind of like I feel most of the time - "bloggy."

My email is if you get a chance to write. I'm
busy starting a new business called: "Sunday's Child Christening gowns."

Tell you mom hi for me too.

Phyllis Amundsen

mary said...

I have no idea what a HTML tag is.