Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Work amoung the chaos.....

Wow, what a few days it has been!

On Thursday we traveled to where our daughter was having her tonsils out...fun surgery once you're an adult...NOT!! She spent Thursday evening in the hospital and we took her home on Friday afternoon. She's doing better but having good days and bad days still.

Yesterday back on the road to be with my mom while my dad had a lengthy test done. Here we heard yet another conflicting piece of medical information so until this test is reviewed, his surgery is back on hold. They've spent 6 weeks now trying to decide what treatment is the right one, meantime the nasty little tumor is free to do its thing and get bigger.....GRRRRRR

Along the way, however, I did manage to get some more of the leaves done....pretty oranges and yellows. We're on the home stretch now.....after the yellows there will be some pale greenish ones then I can start putting the piece together.

Meantime, this morning I woke up with a beast of a cold.....BLAH!! Guess chicken soup and tea are in order. I'm shuffling off for a large glass of orange juice now, then try to get some work done........

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