Friday, February 10, 2006

Seven more leaves.....

are now done....that makes a total of 16. This batch are reds and oranges, and I still have more oranges to do before I move on to the yellows and pale greens.

Played with the polymer clay yesterday and created the faces for the icon. The fabric is now ready and the faces have been glued on. As soon as the order I placed for bead trays arrives I can start on this....Since I am using more and more color in each project, having only 3 bead trays doesn't work any tray of 9 colors used to enough for a project, but right now I have 3 trays full of color variations for the leaves.

And today's plans are to submit pictures to two contests.

Pictures of the completed Moonshine piece are going to the company I buy the supplies from. It did come out rather well I thought, and I'd love to win the first prize in this contest ... $750 shopping spree from their catalog....YES!!

The other contest is the URSA which is bear related, and I'm submitting Polar Dreams there. This contest is for "bragging rights" and possibly to have the piece go to a museum and a traveling exhibit. That would be some wonderful advertising.

So, with fingers crossed (which makes for difficult keyboarding!), I'm off to put the entries together.

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