Saturday, April 22, 2006

A really busy day.....

I finished my very first Artist Card! This is the first in a series titled "Snow Play" and features one of my sitting polar bears and one of my penguins. This piece is on a card stock and each of the critters is mounted on the sticky foam stuff to add dimension. The penguin wears a scarf and the whole bottom of the card is covered with irridescent glitter. This was fun! Now I have about 3 more to do in this series and some other ideas forming.....

Also finished the initial bead work on the latest necklace. The center stone is a ruby and zoitzite cab and there are 4 2.5 mm facetted rubies set at the bottom and 2 sizes of pearls around the edge. Next step for this piece is the backing. I'm going to be working on the earrings today. This piece is starting to get more exciting as it gets closer to finished!

Also worked on the web site for a local political candidate, so on the whole, I was busy!!

Oh yes, don't you love the new picture of me? This was taken in my booth at the show we did in Nevada City two weeks ago.

So, its off for some breakfast then back to work!!

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