Monday, April 24, 2006

Under the catagory "did I do that?"

I did another Artist Trading Card yesterday, and it came out amazingly well....WOW, can't believe the first one was only 3 days ago. This on is based on a piece of jewelry I had done that I have already sold.

Also finally got the face on the bear that had been waiting.....also really amazing!! Isn't she just TOO cute!! Now I need to create the accessories, etc., to go with her....oh, and she needs a name!

Worked on but didn't quite finish the ruby/zoitzite piece....hope to get it done today.

But first I will have to put in some time on the website I'm some specific requests, which does make the work a lot easier!

Meantime, the DH is making wonderful smells in the kitchen, starting a pot of soup and some home made bread....good for heating the house on this cool, rainy day, and that will make a great dinner too.....Yuummmmmmmmm!

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