Sunday, April 16, 2006

The week from H***.......

we're back from California.....on a borrowed wing and a lot of prayer.

The show was not good financially.....guess at this point I'm just not creating what folks are looking for (I know it's not that there was no money at this show, someone there sold 7 bears at $500.00 plus each!).

We could recover from that, but in addition, our car went belly up while we were out there and I had to borrow $$ just to rent a car to get home in. Have NO IDEA how we will be able to get a new vehicle. Right now the only answer I can see is that all shows are cancelled and I get some kind of job. In general I would say that life SUCKS!!!

Someone please tell me what I'm supposed to be learning now, 'cuz I'm totally baffled. Guess I just was having way too much fun thinking I was going to "make it" and actually get to keep doing what I like....should have known better

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